We had a wonderful time on our safari adventure to Tarangire National Park. David was very knowledgeable about the animals, plants, trees, culture and area. He had great timing, letting us stop and go often so that we could see everything. His driving was very skillful and we felt confident with him. The car was great for the trip.
The lunch was great, very unique and tasty. This was the trip of a lifetime we would recommend Meru Mountain treks and David to anyone coming to work with Neema Baby House.

Thanks for everything,

Kelly and Matt, Erdman, September 2013.

We arrived in Arusha in early August 2013 from Switzerland. Since we hadn`t booked a Safari in advance we had to look for a tour provider in Arusha. After the first night, the guy from our Hotel (Coyote Guest House) introduced us to Ibrahim, the owner of Meru Mountain Treks & Safari. At first we were quite sceptical. We thought they just try to sell safaris to all guests of the hotel. Nonetheless we decided to take a look at what they had to offer and then take it from there. Since we were travelling on a budget we wanted to book a Camping Safari for 5 days, with trips to Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarangire. What they offered us was a 5-day/4 nights Safari to these 3 Nationalparks plus to Lake Manyara NP, with accomodation, transfer, food (including water and softdrinks), guide & cook and one night in a hotel after we get back to Arusha for $850. The offer sounded very good to us, but since we already travelled a lot throughout the world we weren`t sure whether they would keep what they promised. After taking some time for consideration we decided to book the safari, which turned out to be the best choice! We started on a monday with Tarangire NP, then went to Serengeti for the 2nd and half of the 3rd day. Then we went to Ngorongoro and the last day we spent in Lake Manyara. We had a very nice guide and a great cook. We never experienced any problems: no car breakdowns, no problems with the stomach and we saw lots of animals (e.g. lions & leopards hunting, elephants, herds of giraffes an so on). The food was very good and the cook really went to great lengths to provide us with different menus each day. He even went to the market and got goat meat for our last evening and that tasted delicious. The guide was also very nice and always made sure we had enough time to see the animals and take photos. If there were for example elephants AND lions to see at the same time, he always asked us what animals we`d rather like to see. We were in a group of 4, the 2 of us, with 2 women from Spain. The small group was perfect to spot the animals since there was enough space inside the car. Overall we had a great experience and got everything out of the safari we wanted! Therefore we can only recommend Meru Mountain Treks & Safari, it was a great and adventurous experience! After getting back from the safari we met other tourists that booked from guys in the street and other tour providers and heard some terrible stories about bad food, brokendown cars or unfriendly guides. So, we were very happy to have taken Meru Mountain Treks.

We spent an amazing and adventurous 5-day Safari. Not only did we see lots of animals but also
the acommodation, food and guide & cook were great and provided us with everything we needed. Hopefully
we will be back in Arusha one day to make another great safari with Meru Mountain Treks! Thank you for this great
experience and all the superb memories and photos we connect with it.

Merlin & Valérie, Berne – Switzerland